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Paper Insertion

In Bangalore, newspaper inclusion might help you reach a huge audience. Furthermore, paper insertion is usually highly successful and proves to be a cost-effective alternative for businesses, allowing them to reach the correct audience with their message. Manjunatha Distribution is a prominent provider of pamphlets, flyers, and leaflet insertion services. In languages such as English, Hindi, and Kannada, we perform paper insertion, flyer distribution, and pamphlet insertion/distribution in all parts of Bangalore. We give you the option of selecting specific newspapers as well as the locations where you want your paper insertion and flyer distribution to take place.

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Pamphlet Distributions

One of the most efficient outdoor advertisements is pamphlet distribution. Leaflet distribution is another name for pamphlet distribution. Newspaper insertions, door-to-door distribution of leaflets, and mass distribution of pamphlets in high-traffic areas of the selected local area are all options for pamphlet distribution. Pamphlet distribution aids in locating a certain target consumer who has quick interest in the product or service being offered. It has a significant impact on the company’s sales. We guarantee that pamphlets will be distributed properly in the designated areas. If granted in advance, the distributor will wear the corporate t-shirt or logo cap, which will help the audience recognize the brand.

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Bus Advertising

Choose Manjunatha Distribution, Bangalore’s premier bus advertising firm, if you have a brand and want to take it to the next level. We go to great lengths to ensure that you get the most out of your bus branding. Our bus advertising tactics, services, and campaigns assist you in expanding your company’s reach and allowing you to transport your brand to every major street in the city. Your bus advertisements may display on the back of the bus or on the side of the bus. Depending on your preferences and budget, you can take an indoor bus. The minimum number of buses you must select, as well as the minimum period of ad display, may differ from one agency to the next.

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Cab Advertising

Cars, also known as taxis, are an important aspect of city life. The rise of India’s middle class has led to the increase in the number of cars on the country’s roads. As a result, something that people see all across the city becomes an opportunity to advertise and reach a broader audience. As a result, cab branding is an important component of advertising and brand promotion. Cabs reach every corner of the city, giving your product or service a wider reach. They enable you to reach practically every household and individual in the city, resulting in improved and long-term sales and marketing potential for businesses in the targeted area. The correct company’s name is Manjunatha Distribution!

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Auto Advertising

Look no further if you’re seeking an auto-rickshaw advertisement, which means you want to opt for auto rickshaw advertising or auto-rickshaw branding. Manjunatha Distribution is a rickshaw ad agency that makes and displays the best rickshaw ads. When you hire an expert auto rickshaw advertising company, auto-rickshaw advertising might be the most effective way to promote your products and services. Auto Rickshaw Advertisements are a low-cost option for outdoor branding and advertising. Manjunatha Distribution has served a wide spectrum of clients, from small to medium and large corporations, and has provided a competitive advantage.

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No Parking Boards Advertising

Promoting your business by placing an advertisement on the society gate with the use of a no parking sign allows you to reach every home and gives your brand the advantage of being seen by onlookers and inhabitants in that specific location on a regular basis. As a result, no parking signs provide continuous and optimal visibility, as well as a broader and more diverse outreach for your products, services, and brands in general.  we are the leading no parking board advertising agency in Bangalore. Our vast contacts and reach in every major city in India enable you to take advantage of the advertising benefits of no parking signs in Bangalore.

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Road Median Advertising

Because of the brand visibility that hoardings provide, they continue to be popular. An appealing, colorful, and eye-catching hoarding at a location, greatly increases brand visibility and recognition. Although well-known, the location of your hoarding is very important. Advertising your brand on a less-traveled road or in a less-visible location does not provide it with the visibility it deserves. You require a hoarding advertising services provider who can supply you with access to hoardings in major city sites where your brand will receive maximum exposure. Furthermore, you require an advertising firm that will present your brand to your target audience in an unique yet relevant manner.

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Bus Shelter Advertising

Choosing the option of bus shelter advertising in Bengaluru is a step forward if you want to improve the popularity of your brand in a certain location. Yes, you can advertise on auto-rickshaws, trains and metros, buses, and other forms of public transportation. However, if geo-targeting your business is your primary goal, bus shelter advertising might be a godsend. Locals, onlookers, and passengers will notice your brand if it is advertised at a big bus stop. People wait for buses in bus shelters during their daily commute. The typical bus wait time is between 5 and 15 minutes. So, advertising in bus shelters is a great way to attract immediate attention to your brand. 

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Mobile Hoardings

Mobile van advertising is one of the most traditional and effective techniques of mass marketing. As the name implies, mobile van branding entails advertising a product or service with the use of a van that roams around the target locations or sets up shop in the catchment area. Traditionally, mobile van advertising consisted of displaying banners for the product or service in question. Today, van advertising, also known as outdoor advertising, entails promoting a company on a high-tech LED display screen. The sight of a mobile van driving throughout the city or through the target locations piques the interest of onlookers. It also aids brands in expanding their local reach and raising regional recognition.

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